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Histoplasmosis Capsulatum

Histoplasmosis capsulatum is endemic in certain areas of the United States, particularly in states bordering the Ohio River valley and the lower Mississippi River. The humidity and acidity patterns of soil are associated with endemicity. Bird and bat droppings in soil promote growth of Histoplasma. Contact with such soil aerosolizes the microconidia, which can infect humans. It is also common in caves in southern and East Africa. Positive histoplasmin skin tests occur in as many as 90% of the people living in areas where H. capsulatum is common, such as the eastern and central United States.[2]In Canada, the St. Lawrence River Valley is the site of the most frequent infections, with 20-30 percent of the population testing positive.[13]In India, the Gangetic West Bengal is the site of most frequent infections, with 9.4 percent of the population testing positive.[14] Histoplasma capsulatum capsulatum was isolated from the local soil proving endemicity of histoplasmosis in West Bengal.[15] (Wikipedia)

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