Histoplasmosis Testing

The HistoplamaAntigen EIA is an immunoenzymatic, sandwich microplate assay used for the qualitative detection of Histoplasma antigens in urine samples. This test is designed to detect the presence of histoplasmosis polysaccharide antigens (HPA) in the serum of patients infected with Histoplasmacapsulatum.
The Niche Diagnostic Histoplasma antigen capture test uses monoclonal antibodies directed to glycoprotein antigen epitopes found in urine of patients infected with Histoplasmacapsulatum. More...

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Niche seeks to develop and offer specialty tests that either are an improvement on pre-existing testing methods or new tests for undeveloped diagnostic opportunities. We will seek to capitalize on the many years' experience of the Management team in both the diagnostic test development.

We will look for opportunities to develop technology for emerging disease that, because of the limited initial market testing, is limited or nonexistent.

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The tests are developed at our facility located at 69 US Route 1 in Scarborough Maine.

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